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Name Area/Title Email Extension Term
Helene Anthony SELL 2992 2015/F
Elizabeth Borland Sociology and Anthropology 2869 2013/F
Michelle Bunagan Chemistry 2183 2015/F
Deborah Hutton Art & Art History 2601 2015/F
Charles Fenwick Criminology 2289 2014/F
Jason Dahling Psychology 2582 2013/F
Jana Gevertz Math & Statistics 3314 2014/F
John Oliver Library 2418 2014/F
Ryan Gladysiewicz User Support Services 2910 2014/S
Diane Gruenberg Tutoring Center 3000 2013/S
Alan Amtzis RTC Program 2586 2015/S
Katy Ells Library 3235 2015/S
Deborah Knox Computer Science 2193 Director
Academic Dean
Alaina Springsted 2013/UG
Julia Silva 2013/UG

(17 members) Director of the center for teaching and learning (ex-officio); 1 academic dean; 7 faculty representing the variety of disciplines and pedagogies at the College; 1 librarian, 4 staff from areas of the College involved in teaching, learning and advising (including at least one from Student Affairs and one from Information Technology); 3 students.

“S” Denotes Staff
“F” Denotes Faculty
“U” Denotes Undergraduate student
“G” Denotes Graduate Student

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