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Applying for CETL Sponsorship of Programs

  1. All programs must have the potential to enhance teaching and learning or expand an understanding of the whole student.
  2. The CETL recognizes that CETL sponsorship can have many benefits for a program, such as potentially boosting the visibility of, and attendance at, an event that has received a CETL endorsement.  The CETL also recognizes that some event organizers need not only CETL endorsement, but also financial support to help an event to be a successful teaching and learning activity.  Thus, the CETL welcomes applications for two categories of CETL-sponsored events, those seeking CETL endorsement but no CETL funds, and others for which both CETL endorsement and financial support are requested.
  3. CETL funds are used for programs that a department, center, or school does not typically offer or cannot sponsor.
  4. The CETL looks favorably upon proposals for major events for which other units are willing to provide matching dollars.
  5. Departments, centers, and schools seeking CETL sponsorship (including financial support) of a program should complete the application form.

Departments, centers, and schools that have received CETL funding should provide a brief, follow-up report about the event summarizing how many people participated in the event and the key outcomes and benefits that resulted from CETL sponsorship.  . Also, the sponsored unit will share any teaching and learning resources generated by the event with the TCNJ community via the CETL.