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Guidelines for Approving CETL Sponsored Programs

  1. All programs must have the potential to enhance teaching and learning or expand an understanding of the whole student.
  2. The CETL will attempt to achieve a balance of supporting programs that are likely to have a broad appeal with those that may be of interest to only specific disciplines.  In addition, the CETL will reach out to departments, centers, and schools that have not asked for support frequently so that all members of the TCNJ community feel that their teaching and learning activities are supported by the center.
  3. The CETL will provide both financial and non-financial resources to worthy programs that are consistent with the center’s mission.
  4. CETL funds should be used for programs that a department, center, or school does not typically offer or cannot sponsor.
  5. Although supporting small-scale programs is acceptable, a portion of the CETL budget should be set aside to fund major events.
  6. The CETL looks favorably upon proposals for major events for which other units are willing to provide matching dollars.

As often as possible, the Director of the CETL will seek the advice of the Teaching and Learning Program Council regarding programs that are being considered for CETL-sponsorship, particularly pertaining to programs that cost more than $500.